Say Cargo Express tours J.C. Penney Distribution & Logistics Center, Buena Park, CA!

Today, the Say Cargo Express team was able to tour the 1.1 million square foot J.C. Penney DC and Logistical/Operations Center in Buena Park, CA.  It was pretty amazing to see such a well run facility from the management practices to the front line crew who literally handle tens our thousands of cartons a day.  With over 80 freight doors for inbound and outbound shipping, warehousing, scan sorting conveyor belts running across the facility to garment hangers running across the ceiling and down into trucks…it was a very impressive operation.  And a remarkably clean facility for the amount of floor space they have to manage!

We look forward to being a value added partner for J.C. Penney in the future and learned what customized needs we can fill for their supply chain and logistical team.

Say Cargo air freight forwarding and air cargoThank you to the Harbor Transportation Club,

Thank you to J.C. Penney Supply Chain and Logistical Team,